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How to Build a Gratitude Attitude and be Free Right Now

If there is one place where we should be completely free, then it is in our own mind. We might have limitations in terms of what our bodies are capable of and what we’re allowed to do – but our minds should be free to roam wherever we want them to and dream whatever we want to dream.

Unfortunately, this is not the reality most of us live in. Instead, our thoughts are dictated by our circumstances and those circumstances are largely out of our control. This is why we will often find ourselves feeling dissatisfied and constantly wanting to push forward, rather than stopping to enjoy life and smell the roses.

And without meaning to get political or philosophical, our capitalist lifestyles only reinforce this nature and try to push us faster and further.

Are You Happy?

Most of us are constantly in a position of slight dissatisfaction. We feel as though there’s ‘one thing’ that could make our lives better and help us to be happier. Maybe we wish we had just a little bit more money, or maybe we wish we had a bigger house. Maybe we want a better job?

Partly this will be encouraged by the ‘got to have it now’ approach to life, or it could be the infatuation our society has on instant success and material possessions we want. We want more money, so we can live in the biggest house, drive the nicest car and post pictures of ourselves living the best life on social

And we keep working harder and stressing more to try and accomplish these things – in turn keeping the cogs of society spinning. Or, in other words, constantly running the rat race of life.

Making a Change Today

But now think about that new car you want. Isn’t the car you purchased 3 years ago still stylish and operational? Wouldn’t a new set of tires, engine maintenance and a paint job bring you a new sense of pride? Would you agree that its society or the media marketing to your mindset to always need the next best thing—or the newest model car?

Likewise, ask yourself if having more money would really make you happier. You can travel very cheaply right now – the problem is probably more with leaving work. More responsibility isn’t going to help that!

Give Thanks for Everything You Already Have

If you really want a fulfilling life today, you have to be thankful for what God has given you already. There’s no greater feeling than understanding how being grateful in your current situation can change your entire outlook on challenges you’re facing.

If you condition your mind to never be thankful for the things you do have, you’ll never find fulfillment in the bigger, newer and more expensive things you receive in the future. By no means should this be an excuse to accept failure. This tactic is to help you understand how a happy lifestyle is created. You can be motivated to strive for more, but at the same time, you can stop and appreciate the
accomplishments along the way.

So how do you make a change and start to be freer and happier right now? The answer is that you change your focus. Instead of fixating on what you don’t have and on what you want–begin to fixate on the amazing things you already have and what you’re grateful for. This is called a ‘gratitude attitude’ and it’s the fastest route to having a satisfying and happy life.

Scott A. Coulter, LSSYB/CBC/CLC

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